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Why Steel?

The Smartest Looking House

Traditionally, steel roofing panels have been used mostly for commercial, industrial and farm buildings. Today's technological advances in building materials have made it both practical and economical to use pre-painted steel panels in virtually all colour combinations for your residential uses as well.


Ideal Roofing's oven-baked pre-painted long-length sheets of steel panels are lighter than all other contemporary roofing materials, yet stronger, easy to install and maintain. They resist punctures. shed snow, are durable, weather tight, heat and fire-resistant and environmentally-friendly. Under normal conditions, steel panels resist chipping, cracking, peeling and perforating for 40 years while asphalt shingles are heavy, will lose their flexibility with age, will crack and become porous with time, making replacement a costly necessity after 10, 15 or 20 years. Steel roofing will age and probably lose its original shine but can be repainted and brought back to new life for many extra years.

Ideal Roofing's steel roofing panels will usually be appropriate and fitting for most architectural styles.

Designed and developed in Canada to resist one of the world's harshest climates and most extreme variations of temperature.

Ideal roofing's long-length steel roofing panels are custom-cut to lengths up to 40 feet, fastened and secured from ridge cap to eave, often in one single sheet to minimize the number of seams and joints and the risk of water leakage.

Ideal Roofing's steel panels are precisely engineered to prevent water infiltration with a unique anti-siphon overlapping design to withstand torrential rains, blowing snow, freezing rain and strong winds, and to resist punctures from falling branches and flying debris, hot burning embers, sparks blowing out of your fireplace chimney and the punishment of the baking hot summer sun.

With fewer joints than conventional roofing materials, advanced-technology metal roofing fasteners and proper installation procedures, steel roofing is definitely a worry-free long-lasting roofing solution.

No Need to Remove Old Shingling!


An advantage worth considering if you are in the process of renovating and re-roofing: there is no need for you to remove the old roofing. Simply install 1" x 4 " lumber strapping at proper spans and fasten the steel panels over the old roofing material. Your renovated structure will look as good as new... For a long time.

Environmentally Friendly


Covering over your old asphalt shingled roof will save tons of waste material from filling our dump sites and if, for some reason, you ever need to remove your steel roof panels, they can be melted down, and recycled into new steel products.



One of the advantages of steel roofing panels is the ease of installation. Both for new construction and renovations, they can be installed by an advanced do-it-yourselfer using the proper tools and taking care in handling the product.* Ideal Roofing also supplies your retailer with all the necessary standard or custom-made flashings, accessories and components for you to do a perfect installation job.

However, for the person who has little experience in renovation work or for more complicated roofing applications, it is advisable to retain the services of a qualified professional contractor to install your new steel roof. Ask your friendly steel roofing retailer to recommend a qualified installer or applicator in your area.

*On new homes, the installation of steel roofing panels over a solid deck with a felt paper is recommended.



Steel roofing requires little or no maintenance depending on the location and setting of your home. Roofing surfaces may be cleaned periodically with a simple garden hose to remove natural contamination such as soot spots from your fireplace chimney, natural gum droplets from neighboring evergreen trees, imprints from fallen leaves, etc.

To remove surface scratches, touch-up paint in all product colours can be used to restore the product's original finish, shine and beauty.

Ideal Roofing steel roofing products are sold through a network of better lumber retailers and building material dealers across eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States.

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