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Trims & Accessories

At Ideal Roofing, we manufacture the best selection of flashing, trims and accessories to be used in combination with our wide variety of panels, shingles and tiles. Our standard roofing accessories such as Fitted Ridge caps, Ridge roll, Liberty cap, Fitted Hip cap, Fitted Wall flashings and Ridge Vent are made with .015" thick 30ga. substrate. Flashings and trims come in 10' lengths (exception: Rake Edge that also comes in 14') are available in .015" thick (30ga.), .018" thick (28ga.), .021" thick (26ga.) and .026" thick (24ga.) in all our colours.

Heavy Gauge fixations such as "L" bars, "U" channels, "Z" bars and Omega bars are also available in thickness up to .061" (16ga.)

Trims & Accessories
Flashings & Trims Ridge Roll
Fittings, Flashing & Trims Liberty Ridge Cap
Metal Roofing Accessories Ridge Vent
Vented Wall Flashing Half Ridge Vent
Screws Low Profile Ventilator
Closures Vented Closures for AMC
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