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Established Since 1929

As an industry leader in the manufacturing of quality steel roofing and siding products, Ideal Roofing’s prime concern has always been their clients’ satisfaction. Proud of its solidly established reputation built on customer service and product dependability, Ideal Roofing manufactures steel roofing and siding panels for agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings, serving a host of diversified clients across Canada’s six eastern provinces and the Northeastern United States.

The Best Selection

Ideal Roofing offers a complete range of steel building panels at competitive prices for the construction industry. These panels are available in a comprehensive selection of gauges, coil widths and profiles, each designed for specific applications. They come in plain galvanized, plain galvalume and pre-painted galvanized steel in more than 30 vibrant and durable colours to help personalize your building.

Technical and Marketing Expertise

In order to provide clients with the best advice and superior service, Ideal Roofing’s team of sales representatives is trained and experienced. They know their products and installation procedures like they do the palm of their hand and they remain available to dealers and distributors to answer all questions pertaining to manufacturing and installation, and to assist them in marketing Ideal Roofing steel cladding products. In addition, we have our own Technical Sales Department with a dedicated professional engineer assisted by qualified technical people to provide product specifications and comprehensive cost estimates to meet your requirements.

Ideal Roofing Trailer

Flexibility and More

No order is too large or too small. There are no minimum quantities and Ideal Roofing believes that all clients are important. Our steel cladding panels are manufactured and precision cut to measure and delivered in lengths as long as 40 feet. Flashings, trims, "Z" bars and "U" channels, as well as other finishing accessories to optimize weather-proofing and improve appearance are also made to order for your convenience.

ISO 9001 Quality and Ultimate Service

Ideal Roofing knows full-well that customer satisfaction rests on superior quality and service. Our base material - solid steel – is only first quality and our modern raft-type roll formers are state-of-the-art, enabling us to manufacture products to the highest quality standards in the shortest time frame. Ideal Roofing has earned a certificate of registration demonstrating that our quality management system is in compliance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard of excellence.

Our knowledgeable factory crews work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our very own fleet of tractor trailers deliver your orders to your door, everywhere in Eastern Canada and in the Northeastern United States. All our delivery trucks are specially equipped with portable forklift units to quickly unload your order and move it to the designated location of your choosing at your premises, saving you time and money.

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